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May 23rd, 2011

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12:39 pm - Updating from my iPhone!
So I some how bought THREE books that I've already read. WTF?! Merrrr... I feel like it's not entirely my fault though. They're not numbered and all the titles are REALLY similar and the and covers are too it's MADDENING! Basically if your not jk Rowling you need to number your fucking books. It's not that hard. Two of the books are Pretty Little Liars novels and the other a Sookie Stackhouse book. So now I have to find the recipes and return them and find the right ones... In the meantime I have nothing to read now ;____; I was suppose to hang out with G today (his plans). But OF COURSE he fucking flaked as usual! And he didn't even call, I had to call HIM to find out he was flaking to go play basketball as per fucking usual. WTF? If you don't want to hang out don't call up some one and make plans. Meeerr.... Oh! Something else that's pissing me off. Apparently I could have seen the full pilot for The Secret Circle cause my mom works at CBS and they own CW and they had an early screening of all the new shows coming in fall. But she thought I wouldn't be interested so she didn't tell me! WTF ??!!!
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