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ughh - fudgeling

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June 12th, 2011

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07:53 pm - ughh
I need to find a Game of Thrones community that is ONLY for people who have NOT read the books. cause at the end of each ep i always really want to hear what other people thought and discuss it and stuff. but in literally every fucking community for that show and on tumblr its like the bastards who have read the books SPOIL FUCKING EVERYTHING. I swear its almost like they do it on purpose. and its fucking stupid! i'm not reading the books specifically not to spoil the show for me, because honestly, its pretty much the best thing on tv right now. so sue me for not wanting to already know whats going to happen! its not like GOT is Harry Potter (which is serious business and if you haven't read the book within a week of it coming out you're a blood traitor and you deserve to have it spoiled for you). UUUURRGGHH!!!

yeah but i guess i'll start reading the books during the break for the show. which is coming all too soon if you ask me! what have we had like 10 episodes? wtf?!

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Date:June 13th, 2011 04:12 am (UTC)
I FEEL THE SAME WAY OMG!!! i haven't read the books either, because i love the show and i don't want to be spoiled yet everywhere i go people are fucking spoiling shit left and right. and you know, it really wouldn't hur for someone to put a SPOILER WARNING before they say anything!

i'm going to read the first book this summer, but i still want to wait to read the other books until after the seasons are over.

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