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October 28th, 2011

09:12 am - Writer's Block: R.I.P
What do you want done with your body after you die?

I'm going to be cryogenically frozen, because i have every intention of living forever. tho my mom says if she out lives me im going to fouche's funeral parlor and then to rolling hills just like every other black person in oakland.


June 22nd, 2011

01:29 pm - blergh
i have earwax blockage and diareah today. needless to say i am NOT a happy camper right now. i think i need to see a doctor.


June 12th, 2011

07:53 pm - ughh
I need to find a Game of Thrones community that is ONLY for people who have NOT read the books. cause at the end of each ep i always really want to hear what other people thought and discuss it and stuff. but in literally every fucking community for that show and on tumblr its like the bastards who have read the books SPOIL FUCKING EVERYTHING. I swear its almost like they do it on purpose. and its fucking stupid! i'm not reading the books specifically not to spoil the show for me, because honestly, its pretty much the best thing on tv right now. so sue me for not wanting to already know whats going to happen! its not like GOT is Harry Potter (which is serious business and if you haven't read the book within a week of it coming out you're a blood traitor and you deserve to have it spoiled for you). UUUURRGGHH!!!

yeah but i guess i'll start reading the books during the break for the show. which is coming all too soon if you ask me! what have we had like 10 episodes? wtf?!

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May 30th, 2011

02:55 pm - im going to go insane
rats! i fucking hate rats! we need a cat cause i cant take all these damn rats anymore. they give me fleas! they die in the walls and stink up the whole house! and worst of all, THEY EAT MY FUCKING PANTIES!!! yes, you read right. they eat the crotch out of all of my underwear which are in the basement waiting to be washed. i don't even know how much money i have to spend on new panties every month trying to replace the ones the rats ate. i suppose pretty much a pair a day. thats 365 pairs of panties a year! and at about $5 each thats what..? almost $2000 a year on PANTIES!!! combined with my pack a day cigarette habit that over $4000 a year on panties and cigarettes. wtf? i'm pretty sure you could feed an entire town in a third world country for a year on that. i cant take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!
Current Mood: angryoutraged!

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May 27th, 2011

08:12 pm - ramblings
i dont know when i got so boring and unmotivated. i use to be pretty cool and interesting. heh. i don't know when or how i got so off track. or when i'll get back on. i feel like ive been too emotionally crippled to move for the past 7 years or so. too scared of life or some shit. i dont even know who i am anymore. its a shame.

also: i honestly think i function better with a little alcohol in my system but im way to cheap to buy any, lol!
Current Music: gothic archies - ever falls the twilight


May 23rd, 2011

12:39 pm - Updating from my iPhone!
So I some how bought THREE books that I've already read. WTF?! Merrrr... I feel like it's not entirely my fault though. They're not numbered and all the titles are REALLY similar and the and covers are too it's MADDENING! Basically if your not jk Rowling you need to number your fucking books. It's not that hard. Two of the books are Pretty Little Liars novels and the other a Sookie Stackhouse book. So now I have to find the recipes and return them and find the right ones... In the meantime I have nothing to read now ;____; I was suppose to hang out with G today (his plans). But OF COURSE he fucking flaked as usual! And he didn't even call, I had to call HIM to find out he was flaking to go play basketball as per fucking usual. WTF? If you don't want to hang out don't call up some one and make plans. Meeerr.... Oh! Something else that's pissing me off. Apparently I could have seen the full pilot for The Secret Circle cause my mom works at CBS and they own CW and they had an early screening of all the new shows coming in fall. But she thought I wouldn't be interested so she didn't tell me! WTF ??!!!
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Current Mood: boredbored


April 18th, 2011

11:50 am - HAIR!
So I finally got a good perm!
So I can finally dye my hair and cut my bangs!
This is what it looks like now:

I have no idea why its so much longer in the back.
I'm assuming breakage ;_____;
I'll post some pics of the finished product.
Hopefully in the next few days

Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: Shwayze ft. Cisco - buzzin

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February 11th, 2011

04:32 pm - Interesting stuff...

Plastic into Oil

Why isn't this happening on a larger scale yet?
Where can I get one of these or instructions on how to make one?

Cool as fuck, and beautiful!

more info
Sustainable housing that also looks like art and only cost $900!
We need more innovative thinking like this!
Its sad they kicked him out. Especially considering that China has giant ghost cities like this all over:

Where no one can even afford to live... WTF?

Current Mood: groggygroggy


January 21st, 2011

09:03 pm - Blah blah blah

So I'm getting my hair done bright and early tomorrow. I really hate waking up early these days! Another perm touch up. Last time didn't go so well because I had washed my hair too recently, so he had to take the perm out early. I hope this time is more successful, but I'm worried. My hair itches a lot right now! I washed it like two days ago I think. I hope my scalp is ready for a perm this time. I'll be really mad if it doesn't work out this time either

If it does I'm finally going to dye my hair a chocolate brown. I know I probably shouldn't because It'll be REALLY bad for it, but I don't care. hehe! I'll also probably get in trouble at my next hair appointment... But whatever! If it ends up looking good I'll maybe post a pic in my next update!
So today was really shitty. I had to take my first Xanax in like two weeks! I won't go into details, but it suffices to say both my mom and sister are insane. I think its genetic...

Both my parents are on probation at work right now and that scares the shit out of me! Life will be so bad for everyone in the family if they lose their jobs! I'm trying to get a job at the new Target in Emeryville. I've never really worked before and I'm a recluse with anxiety problems so I'm really scared about it. But hopefully it works out. I get the feeling I'm going to be needing a lot more Xanax to pull this off. But to get more I apparently need to start seeing a therapist again and blah blah blah... Why must life be so stressful?

I've been using my Pupe Girl account regularly again. If I can't afford to buy things in real life at least I can buy clothes for it. That way I can still have some sort of shopping Therapy. Hehe!

I really need to remember to call my grandmother. She lives right up the street but I haven't seen her in months. WTF? I'm seriously reclusive!

Also I've once again become semi addicted to watching HCBailly's video game walkthroughs. For games I'm not even playing! He's just so funny! I think I might love him...

Okay that's all.

Current Mood: tiredtired

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January 19th, 2011

01:37 pm - Some Creepy Ass Shit

I'm not sure if this one moves of its own accord or not.

This one moves by itself and has the ability to learn like a child I think... Creepy!

more info
I dunno. It's kind of cool/exciting.
I'm always feeling like the future needs to get here faster.
I mean its 2011 for Christ's sake!
But I'm also kinda scared for my life...
What do you think?

Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Tiesto - In the Dark

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January 18th, 2011

06:34 pm - Abracadabra Fantasy

So it seems Shu Umera has done it again!
This time its a holiday collection of makeup.
"Abracadabra Fantasy"
Featuring the art of Aya Takano!

more info

where to buy

If only I were rich...

Current Mood: restlessrestless
Current Music: Bao Thy - Da Nghi (Right Now)


03:06 pm - All over the place

I've some how become obsessed with both of these songs! I found them on Siru's blog. Its really weird cause I've never listened to Vietnamese music before, and I have NO idea what they're saying...

But I LOVE them!

Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: Chang Trai Thang 12 - Thuy Tien


January 15th, 2011

06:30 pm - Must Get Life Together Now!

So, it's another new year.  And as with all the other new years absolutely nothing has changed in my life.  I really hope some how fate will make this a really good year for me.  A year in which I'm motivated to do SOMETHING!  ANYTHING!  And can actually follow through with it.  I seriously wonder about myself sometimes...  22 years old, still living at home, no job, no drivers license, no high school diploma, the list goes on and on!  I just really want to get it together this year!  I wonder if there's a pill I can take to make myself a motivated individual.  If you know of one feel free to me know!  That would be great!

Current Mood: boredbored

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May 11th, 2010

05:36 pm - food please!

Just got in from a long day in the hood.
Now I'm heading out for Taco Tuesday!

(Sorry all I post is webcam pics.
I always forget to use my camera when I'm out..
I'll try to remember tonight!)


Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: School Gyrls - Something Like A Party

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May 10th, 2010

08:06 pm - SOOOO TIRED

here's some photos of the extentions down.
i kinda wish they were fuller...

I'm not looking forward to having to do stuff tomorrow
I'm gunna hit the sack now
(and maybe play some video games...)

Current Mood: tiredvery sleepy
Current Music: HyunA - Change

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May 9th, 2010

08:18 pm - FOOOOD!

I went grocery shopping.
Here's some meals I've had.

Yogurt Parfait

Veggie Sandwich



Current Mood: tiredtired

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April 18th, 2010

02:07 am - Quick update

Sorry I look so tired!
Its 2am after all, hehe!
(and i didn't bother with makeup today)

two moreCollapse )

Current Location: my room
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Becky♪♯ - suki dakara

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April 8th, 2010

07:16 pm - Karigurashi no Arrietty

I'm sooooo excited!

Current Mood: calmcalm

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March 13th, 2010


one day i'll figure out how to actually work my webcam. maybe...
(lol at the screaming pokemon in the background! they're still screaming)

Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Zaptos screaming its head off

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October 6th, 2009

04:54 pm - DOMO!!
right now the 7/11 by my house is:
Halloween Domo-kun themed!!!
seriously ,
i could only be happier if it was rilakkuma themed
or had been turned into an authentic japanese family mart!
I can't wait to go back in the morning
and get my coffee in a domo cup! hehe!

i went to the dermatologist today
and he gave me some stuff for my acne
my room really needs cleaning, and my feet smell
but right now im happy!

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: wizards of waverly place theme

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